The Law of Expectations

“Our lives are shaped not as much by our experience, as by our expectations.” -George Bernard Shaw

“Before anything manifests in this world, it first appears as a thought or an image in someone’s mind.

Your beliefs set in motion your processes and behaviors that influence how you move, act, and feel. The challenge is overcoming the negative beliefs that hold you back. It isn’t enough for you to repeat over and over, ‘I can do it, i can do it,’ not while your underlying doubts are stealing your spirit and robbing you of your focus and your strength. I want you to bring these negative expectations into the open, into the light of conscious, where they can be seen for what they are. Go ahead shout them out at the top of your lungs then let them go!

Before you accomplished something, you saw it happen in your mind. In your daily life, if you create positive images, happy circumstances, & peaceful outcomes, these become real to your deeper mind, which builds upon such experiences to attract similar ones.

The law of expectation highlights the importance of examining your old beliefs and assumptions, replacing self-defeating doubts with vivid images, and creating new beliefs based on clear intentions. The expectation will attract the evidence. Create a new vision of who you would become, and surely you will become it.”

-The Laws of Spirit by Dan Millman


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