Shadow Work

Sometimes all we can see are the things we try to keep in the shadows to hide from others; the traits, habits, and beliefs about us that we want no one else to see.

Hiding them feels safe, so we appear to be perfect, like we have it all together and are living the life shown on social media. But hiding only pushes those shadows deeper into who we are.

No one is always confident. No one is always happy or has it all together. No one is without fear… fear of people leaving, of being judged, of not succeeding, and most of all, of people seeing us in our good days and bad ones. Seeing us at our worst, when all we fear comes out like a dragon breathing fire.

Let me tell you, perfection does not exist. Life will not always be happy nor will it always be bad.

We are here to grow and learn and it’s through these challenges that those fears come to the surface. We learn how to live with them, how to live with the parts of ourselves we want to hide away. We learn to grow them, to overcome them, to be better with and from them.

We learn that it’s okay to be ourselves, to show the parts of us that we struggle with or have conditioned beliefs about, and that is the very thing that makes us human, the very thing others will relate to, the very thing that gives grace to someone else facing their own shadow.

It’s all a process of unraveling the layers, opening to vulnerability, and in the end opening to embrace love. Not to receive love but to become love, to give love, and to live in love and grace for others.

To help others accept their own shadows and learn to work with them instead of hiding them. To help them see that loving themselves, especially their shadows, is the most important thing they can do.

For in bringing a shadow forward to the light, it is no longer a shadow. Instead, it becomes part of who we are, part of what we wear on the outside, part of our growth, and perhaps part of our strengths.

We take away its power. And in the end, all that is left is the real, authentic self. That’s when the true journey begins. That is when we get to show our light, love, and grace to others to help them along their own journeys. It’s time!


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