Lessons from Nature Part One

One of the gifts given to me is the information and lessons I learn and glean from nature. Today’s lessons:

1. Be like the waves, Ebb & Flow. Move and retreat, push hard and rest, don’t fight the current, instead trust that you’re being moved where you need to go. Don’t constantly fight the pull back, the retreat. You’re not failing, be patient and wait to be pushed forward again.

2. Appreciate everything around you. The plants, shells, birds, sunset, clouds moving, people, and the time you are given. Take. Your. Time. All thoughts and words are energy. The energy of gratitude helps you manifest more of what you are grateful for.

3. Slow down so much that you have no choice but to be aware of the details of all you see. Slow down everything you do; drinking, eating, talking, walking, cooking, driving, etc. You’ll be shocked in the perspective it gives you and what you see, feel, hear, taste and experience that you never noticed before.

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