Energy Healing and Intuitive Guidance

Experience bliss in a rejuvenating Reiki session, as healing hands channel universal energy, restoring balance and promoting deep relaxation. Feel the transformative power as energetic blocks dissolve, leaving you with profound relaxation and inner harmony. 
Or embark on an enlightening intuitive reading, connecting with your spirit team for personalized insights and guidance. Discover clarity on your life’s path, receive profound revelations, and gain empowering wisdom to navigate your journey with confidence. Let the light of healing and insight illuminate your path.

Sessions conducted via Zoom, with limited availability for in-person sessions near downtown San Diego.



30-minutes $50 online only

Ignite the essence of healing and insight in our 30-minute session. Elevate your well-being with Reiki, Energy Healing, or Intuitive Reading. Find balance, gain insights, and experience transformative shifts in this focused experience.


60-minutes: $120

Elevate your well-being through the ancient Japanese art of Reiki Energy Healing or the enlightening path of Intuitive Readings. Experience harmony, clarity, and rejuvenation with Reiki to restore balance within you. Or embark on an enlightening intuitive reading, connecting with your spirit team to offer personalized insights and guidance, clarity on your life’s path, and gain empowering wisdom to elevate your journey with confidence.



90-minutes $171 in-person, $148 online

Empower yourself with an immersive energy experience, as we delve deeper to unearth hidden insights and embrace clarity on your life path. Embark on an enriching journey with energy clearings, empowering activations, and illuminating oracle card readings. This extended session allows ample time for thorough exploration, fostering a more profound connection with your inner self and the spiritual realm. Embrace the extra moments and savor the lasting sense of clarity, guidance, and empowerment.

Diamond Package

Four, 60-min sessions 
$432 in-person, $376 online

Discover the brilliance of profound transformation with a series of four Reiki, energy healing, or intuitive guidance sessions. Break free from the chains of stagnation and embrace the dynamic momentum of healing. Witness remarkable shifts in your life as you delve into the core of your challenges, empowering yourself to create the life you’ve always dreamed of. When you seize this opportunity, your first session will be just the beginning of an extraordinary journey towards profound transformation. 


You Are Powerful! Magnetic! Beautiful! Intuitive! Healing! Whole!

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About Me

Wendi is a powerful energy practitioner who has honed her remarkable abilities to tap into an infinite source of energy. She utilizes this boundless power to assist individuals in their transformative journey of healing, personal growth, purification, activation, and manifestation of their deepest desires.

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